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 [TV Show] Mago mago arashi

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PostSubject: [TV Show] Mago mago arashi   Thu Aug 14, 2008 1:52 am


well, I thought we could have a thread for this show as well.

I just LOVE this show.
I swear, whoever it is that puts the music background for the show... is a genius.

It's incredible how only arashi can make me watch a show with little kids (specially when they're spoiled) which I hate so much, yes, I hate kids, so sue me ( ) Anyway, I swoon over the boys and the way they handle the kids, and cook.
I'm always surprised when I hear "tropical" music played in the background, like salsa and merengue, it gives an air of "home" to the show that is really refreshing for me, since I'm latinamerican.

I get somewhat bored when they go around looking for historical places, but it's great to see them on the street.

But I specially love it when they go help the elderly! I just LOVE it!
On the 2007.06.30 episode, when they go help a couple that owns a public bath, the grandpa is a big fan of riida!! sooooo cute!
And on the beginning of the episode, the first notes of the candy candy opening song were played!!!!! WAAAAAHHHH!!!

Anyway, I watch mago mago arashi here:
since I can't download it.
If you guys can watch it, I recommend it.
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[TV Show] Mago mago arashi
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