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PostSubject: hello!!!!   Fri Aug 15, 2008 11:23 pm


hi to all maotsujun fans specially to the admin who had dedicated their time and put all their effort in creating such a wonderful home....arigatou gozaimashta! (sorry if my spelling is incorrect...) anyways ive just been a fan of this pair since this year only...i've already heard a lot of how good hana yori dango was but i wasn't quite impressed on how domyouji looked in the first series (hehe forgive my shallowness), maybe because i was used to the f4 in meteor garden, anyhow my nephew told me that it was his favorite drama so just for him i started downloading HYD part 1. When i watched the first episode, i was amazed on how beautiful they presented the story and got hooked immediately..later on i did research on the two main actors and found out how good their relationship is on and off cam and the rest is history as they say. i'm really thankful that i found this site cause everybody here is so generous to share whatever bits or news they read or hear...really thank you from the bottom of my heart.. hope this site will continue to flourish and extend more maotsujun love in the future..
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PostSubject: Re: hello!!!!   Sat Aug 16, 2008 4:33 am

I got nosebleeds when I saw Domyouji for the first time, so x'D
Anyway, potpot, welcome on the new server. And we'll all do our best to extend the love ;)
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