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 Hi hi !

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PostSubject: Hi hi !   Mon Aug 03, 2009 10:07 pm

Hi ! Im Eve from Singapore and I fell in love with our favourite couple Hanadan, of course. Didnt know who Inoue Mao was till then but was already into MatsuJun and Arashi before that.

Coming to this site makes me really happy and renews my hopes of MaotsuJun. Though Im really bad at spotting what some of the LSS members can see, little hints here and there. I do spot the occasional couple rings, necklaces and hats but when I get here it's already been mentioned, haha, kinda lag I know.

Anyway, Jk entertainment is one of my past times. Learning foreign languages is another, Im currently trying to clear my Japanese lessons asap before starting on another language.

Hm. Okay that's about it, Im off to catch up on the lss threads. Bye !
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The Queen's Steward

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PostSubject: Re: Hi hi !   Mon Aug 03, 2009 11:22 pm

Hi Eve,

nice to meet you and welcome!

Yes some girls here are plain amazing in watching out for little hints...
Im not good at it either...lol...

Have fun reading the old threads!

See ya, limanh...

"Someday, instead of talking, I think we can talk just by our EYES" - Ba~ka girls
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Hi hi !
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