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 What if.

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The Invisible Monkey

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PostSubject: What if.   Sat Jan 09, 2010 4:06 am

I'm supposed to be on hiatus, but I'm in a good mood, have too many calories in my body... So why not be hyper. XD

The ever so popular game: What if.

How do we play?

A person writes an embarrassing/funny/etc situation, post it in this thread and people answer how they'll react. (It can be based on events in real life, or just something you've imagined. The probability rate that such thing happen can be low. lol)
Everyone can post a new situation. It doesn't matter: when, who, how... Just let your imagination go loose. So actually, I lied, it's not a game. But it's very funny! XD

One little thing. If we could enumerate the situations... Would be nice. :P

Okay... I'm going to give you a situation, tell me how d'ya react...

Quote :
1. You go in a bookstore selling manga. It's a lil' bit crowded, but ah you'd do anything for manga today. Even if it's risking your own life.
So, you go an get your manga, and you see a manga with a nice cover. Instinctively, you open a page somewhere in the middle, which happens to be a two page spread of a smutty manga or something which is rated a lil' higher than that. (It doesn't matter to some of us, but!)
You lift up your head, and there's that über-cute guy who has seen everything, who's smiling.What ya do? Asking him if you're in the way? Start to hit on him (supposing you're single if you're free), slip you phone number in his pants, say 'hurray for smut?'... etc etc. Countless possibilities.

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What if.
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